Grey Water Recycling Plant

Recycle and Reuse of Greywater has to direct advantage that there will be a direct reduction of @ 40-45% in the quantity of Fresh Water required daily.

Grey Water Recycling Plant

  • In a housing complex or similar establishment the Fresh/Municipal water is used for purposes like Drinking & Cooking, Bathing, Toilet Flushing, Floor Washing, Washing Machines, Gardening etc.
  • The used Water from Sources other than Sewage & Kitchen Waste is termed as Greywater.
  • Greywater from Washing Machine & Bathing is approx. 40 to 45% of Total Fresh Water taken in.

Recycle and Reuse of Grey Water has to direct advantage that there will be a direct reduction of @ 40-45% in the quantity of Fresh Water required daily. Some of the advantages are as follows:

  • Most Municipal Bodies are shifting towards “Metered Billing” from lumpsum billing hence there shall be Continual Savings in Water bills year after year.
  • Due to Scarcity of Fresh Water, the availability shall become a question mark in times to come. Greywater Recycling will reduce the impact to a great extent.
  • The Load on Common/Municipal Sewage Treatment Plant shall be reduced. Hence need for Expansion/New Sewage Treatment Plants shall also be reduced.
  1. Toilet Flushing.
  2. Floor Washing.
  3. Gardening.

Economics of Greywater Recycle & Reuse:

Consider a Complex with say 100 Residential Units. Each unit has to say, 4 persons. Average consumption of Freshwater is @ 100 liters/day/person.

  • Hence Total Freshwater required shall be 100 x 4 x 100 = 40000 litres/day.
  • The cost of Municipal water is said 30 Rs/1000 liters ( It is increasing day by day. At Chennai it is already 60 Rs/1000 liters).
  • Daily Water Bill = 40000 x 30/1000 = Rs. 1200/day. Which is Rs 4,38,000/ year. At 60 Rs/1000 liters, this will be Rs. 8,76,000/year.
  • There will be charges for Disposal (Disposal Cess) of Sewage soon. The reduction in Disposal Volume will save this on an ongoing basis.
  • Savings in Sewage Treatment Plant Cost (Capital as well as Operating Cost). If Greywater Recycling system is installed, Smaller Sewage Treatment plant shall suffice.
  • It is best done for the New Complexes at the planning stage. Can be done for existing complexes also.
  • Modification in Piping, Storage & Pumping equipment. Marginal additional Capital Cost which is One Time.
  • Installation of Greywater Recycle System specifically developed by Deccan Water Treatment Pvt. Ltd.