Our Vision is to expand our business from pillar to pillar and become one of the leading technology provider in the industry by using effective and environmentally sustainable treatment of water and renewable energy.

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We have a mission to build the best product while providing excellent services at a reasonable price with superior water quality and zero discharge for a better life and safe working environment.

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Our Policy

We are committed to customer satisfaction concentrating on continual improvement in our quality management systems by giving products at competitive price and delivering with excellent quality.

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Our Products

Sewage Treatment Plant

The Sewage Treatment System being proposed by us is SMBR Based technology. Suspended Media Bio Reactor (SMBR) is emerging as a clear choice for STP’s all across the sector for various reasons.

Water Treatment Plant

It consists of a DWTPL RO System, PET Stretch Blowing Machine, Bottle Filling machine, Bottle Capping machine, Auto – labeler, Auto – packing and cartooning machine.

Reverse Osmosis Plants

Reverse osmosis is a high-pressure energy efficient water separation process. It is a method of extracting essentially pure and fresh water from polluted or salt water by forcing the water under pressure against a semipermeable membrane, which passes the pure water molecules.

Grey Water Recycling Plant

Recycle and Reuse of Greywater has to direct advantage that there will be a direct reduction of @ 40-45% in the quantity of Fresh Water required daily.

Car Wash Plant

A typical facility carrying out Servicing/Cleaning of Cars/Vehicles has a Washing System. Most Modern Car Wash Systems use low Hardness Water to Prevent Staining.

Renewable Energy-Solar Power

We believe in providing EPC (Engineering,  Procurement, and construction ) solutions for building solar power plants based on Photovoltaic (PV) technology (Grid as well as off Grid).

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